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β€œThe root cause of my frustration is that my scope has exceeded my authority.”

This is such a great line and applies to any position. I'm not an engineer, but I can't count how many times I was put in charge of a project but couldn't get it to completion because I needed something from individuals that didn't report to me, and I couldn't get it.

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Re reading (reviewing of code seems ok πŸ˜‚) after I write something drains my energy maybe

because I hate it.. maybe I know it is bad writing and what response I get from the recipient πŸ˜‚.. you see how easily I complicate things by adding too many parameters.. πŸ§ΎπŸ˜‡

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I have work on my communication delivery.. writing is one of them..

While communicating/writing.. I assume so many things and keep it short .. I feel I communicated well.. it MUST be understood.. and I feel writing is pain.. so I want to finish as soon as possible..

if you ask me to write a novel.. I can tweet..πŸ˜‚πŸΆ

But what ends up happening is..

The reader is confused.. not clear.. doubts.. feels clumsy writing.. (in communication arrogance)

This makes further writing with more irritation with what they might think.. how it will be persuaded etc etc.. vicious cycle.. could not break..

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Man, you’ve topped yourself

One of your best

> The road towards senior goes through code.

The road beyond senior goes through prose.

Effing tweet this man. You don’t need a thread. Just start with this as the first tweet

If need be can come back and fill in the rest in your IPO thread

Reading this piece both give me the inspired pump n the zen calm

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